• Have you ever wondered why you keep making the same mistakes in life over and over even though you knew better?
  • Do you end up in relationships with the same kind of people and ask yourself, “How did I do it AGAIN?”
  • When your teenager makes an unfortunate choice and you ask them, “Why?” is their answer always, “I don’t know.” ?
  • What about that awful moment when you realized you settled for less or compromised your best, most beautiful life based on decisions made in haste or under pressure?
How would you feel if you could take back control and begin a life of purpose?
A life where you actually end up right where you always wanted to be?
No more standing in the middle of a train wreck asking yourself, “HOW did I get HERE?!”
How would it feel to watch your child, or someone you love begin making wise choices that only had the best possible outcome?
This is my most requested course …
I have some GOOD NEWS for you! This life-changing workshop is open to ANYONE age 14 and older!
I took the Decision Maker course as part of Brave Girls Club LIFE RESTORATION workshop and it was one of the best things I ever did. I was in the middle of completing our daughter’s adoption, my dad was suffering from dementia right after a massive heart attack, my mother needed full time assistance dealing with all the things my dad used to do for her, we were selling our condo and moving into a new home. I needed to get rid of the static in my head and make wise decisions – the BEST decisions for our family whether it was for my dad’s surgeries and healthcare, for my mom’s care, for which house to pick and how much to sell our home for … changing schools for my older daughter and so many other things that were happening at once. I literally would take out this little deck of cards I made knowing that the questions I created during Decision Maker course had my very best intentions for *me* at heart. I knew this because I made these guidelines for myself during a time that was calm and peaceful where I could take steps to figure things out. I was able to take a breath and answer simple questions about each decision I was about to make and if it was the BEST possible decision for me and our family. Then later, when the static of the world became really loud – the beeping of the ICU ward, the screaming of the kids, the deadlines and the expectations were being laid at my feet, I was able to remember how I wanted my future to look and what kind of questions I needed to have answers for before committing to any decisions. I was able to confidently move forward and make choices based on results, and not just any results, not results that the world told me to seek after, not results that my friends or coworkers expected to see, but the results I wanted for myself and my own family.
When YOU purposefully create the rules for YOUR OWN UNIQUE LIFE, the ones that say:
I have my very best interest at heart…
I have safe boundaries in place so I don’t cave in under pressure…
I have the ability to choose based on my own guidelines and limitations, not ones that were forced on me by someone else …
… then you will begin living a life of intention and you will see immediate changes in the way your life plays out.  
No more train wrecks where you ask yourself “HOW did THAT happen?”
Bottom line, after deciding once and for all to adhere to your own moral code,
you come to a place of peace and then you fiercely protect it.
This course is a one-day course but it is a life changer!
Saturday August 26th from 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Cost is $135.00 per guest and includes lunch, dinner, snacks and all art supplies!
Email to register!
We accept PayPal, Mastercard and Visa!
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