Navigating You is a place where you get to figure out who you want to be,  where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.  My intention is to make sure we have fun while in the process.

Sounds simple,  and it can be.  It can also be insanely complex,  like untangling those tiny gold chains,  or Christmas lights,  or taking out the tightest knot out of something you’re wearing 5 minutes before you need to be out the door.

I originally wanted to call my new venture Life, Untangled.  I love that name.  I was a hairdresser for years and years so the name was a hat tip to those years and I’m also completely skilled at untangling messes.  I don’t love the mess, itself, though.  My husband would watch me organize a place of chaos in our home and say things to people like “she just loves folding the laundry and making it all tidy” and I would always correct him.  I HATE doing laundry – with a passion.  I love the results of the work it took.  Who doesn’t?  But he may have been on to something (don’t tell him …) because there is a certain thrill of victory and during the hard work, there is a space that is held for the anticipation of the win.  Even before the goal is achieved,  there can be joy.  

The name Life, Untangled was unavailable to me because some company that makes a computer cord detangling apparatus already has the domain name.  I had to start fresh and come up with a new name.  One that resonated with me, one that made sense, one that was not too many words, one that people understood quickly and one that, frankly, sounded good to me.  I tried to come up with one, but failed.  I was so set on Life, Untangled that I found myself at a road block.  I just wanted what I wanted and couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to move forward with.  I had two of my close friends (who will be helping me on my venture) brainstorm and one of those brilliant minds questioned me and my intentions and after several rounds of word-smithing together, she came up with Navigating You.  I admit, at first I felt like I was settling,  but now,  I realize how it is really everything that this site will be about.  

YOU get to decide.  

YOU get to create the map of your life.  

YOU get to choose the path you want to be on.

YOU get to call the shots, take the risks, stop and rest – whatever it is you need, you get to figure it out and then go for it at your own pace in your own unique way.

There doesn’t always have to be a mess to untangle. Sometimes, there might just be a window blind that needs to be opened, or a detour that needs to be taken or a shortcut that can save time and resources. It doesn’t always have to be a struggle, right?

I will be here sharing stories, sharing my life maps,  showing you how I found my true North, hoping you will share your experiences with me as well and I’m pretty sure there will be times of laughter in the middle of all this traveling because most journeys have the most absurd plot twists, don’t they?

Thank you, dear reader, for visiting today, I can’t wait to get to know you better and continue on as we create our paths.